RKL6 Silver
Batopilas, Municipio de Batopilas, Chihuahua, Mexico
5.8x 5.3x 3.0 cm

A beautiful and exceptionally rich silver specimen from the classic Batopilas locality, known for producing some of the finest mexican silver crystals. This example is particularly rich and well crystallized; with the largest crystal measuring approximately 3 cm. It comes with handwritten and typed Robert Nowakowski labels, indicating that he paid $250 for this specimen in 1972. That would be around $1200 in today"s dollars, and it was purchased at a time when these things were more plentiful. This piece also has a couple bits of matrix-- as with all Batopilas silvers, the silver is etched out of silver-bearing calcite veins. In this case, some of the rock attached to the calcite is still present, again, very unusual for these silvers. Better looking in person... the pictures make the crystals look somewhat jumbled.

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