PHV11 Phosphophyllite
Huayllani, Canutillos subdistrict, Machacamarca Dist., Saavedra Prov., Potosi Dept., Bolivia
5.7x 4.8x 4.1 cm

An great example of phosphophyllite from the "other" (more recent) Bolivian locality for the species.   The overall form and richness of this piece, comprised of hundreds of twinned phosphophyllite crystals, make for a particularly good example.  This one is notable for its size and incredible richness.  As is typical, there is some alteration and sandstone clinging to the crystals.

The most famous examples were discovered between 1950 and the late 1970's, at the Unificada Mine in the same department, but until this find, the extreme scarcity of those pieces made it nearly impossible for collectors to obtain specimens of this sought after species.  

These contemporary pieces obviously lack the depth of color present in the older ones, but are quite exceptional as examples of the species-- the richness and sheer amount of well crystalized phosphophyllite on these specimens is something not seen from any other locality.  

Phosphophyllite from Huayllani first appeared on the market around 2010, then somewhat disappeared.  These pieces come from a more recent discovery at the same location.  Initially, they were labeled "Colavi" or "Machacamarca," but we now have more precise information. 

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