ICN23 Fluorite
Dhamond, Madhya Pradesh State, India
11.2x 6.8x 5.0 cm

Many of you are familiar with the hemispherical fluorites from the Mahodari quarry, but there is also a second, less well known Indian locality that also produces odd fluorites.  This second locality is located a few hundred miles NE of Mahodari, in the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP).

Fluorites from this site are notable for being much more than merely hemispherical.  They can be elongated, and even stalactitic at times.  This is one of the largest fluorite projections that I have seen from the location, with the fluorite situated on a sawn quartz base.

The bulk of the pieces from this locality have had their surfaces roughly cleaned (even scraped) but that is not the case with this one-- as evidenced by the surface details and lack of scratches.

 I asked an Indian dealer why the MP specimens were cleaned so roughly, and was told that they occur under a layer of soil (versus in water-filled pockets, as at Mahodari).  Rain water running through the soil creates acid, which creates an altered layer on the surfaces, which then gets scraped off during preparation.  But again, that is not the case with this one.  There is some pitting on one side, but as you can see from the other three photographs, it can be displayed from multiple other angles.

All in all this is am exceptional and very unusual fluorite from a little-known Indian locality, and it is in much better (and a far less altered) condition than most.

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