TIM22 Amethyst
Jinshan, Harqin Banner (Kalaqin Co.), Ulanhad League (Chifeng Prefecture), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
8.2x 3.4x 3.1 cm

An unusual piece, from a newly producing mine.  I have seen only a few of these, and the two posted here are the best examples I have encountered.  Unfortunately there is some whitish stuff below the surface (likely a coating of something that was overgrown by quartz), but these are some of the few amethysts I have seen from Inner Mongolia, and certainly the only amethystine "scepters".  The back is overgrown with calcite.

It"s admittedly not of the same quality as the scepters from other localities (e.g. Namibia) but for China, and especially for Inner Mongolia, it"s damn cool.

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